Affordable bespoke kitchens in London

Kitchen designing and planning have never been this important. Over time, house designs have evolved tremendously. The kitchen has now evolved into a multi-functional room where we spend hours on a daily basis. You bake, cook, and make coffee in the kitchen, but you and your loved ones also gather over meals in the kitchen. For all these reasons, a kitchen should be well-designed and pleasant. When it comes to kitchen design, all kitchens are different because the users of the kitchen have a different set of needs. There is no one-size-fits-for-all, so what works for someone else might not work for you. So, how to make the right choice regarding bathroom design? You might not understand the complexity of kitchen design, but professional designers can enhance your personal taste. All you need to do is get in touch with the right service providers. If you are looking for affordable bespoke kitchens in London, here is all you need to know!

Kitchen design

Kitchen interior designers find practical storage solutions to help homeowners improve their lives. They address clients’ needs in the initial consultation, so you won’t have to compromise on your personal taste. Moreover, they do a thorough survey and drawings and take photographs of the space to be designed or redesigned. Then they make suggestions to the client based on their knowledge and analysis. Everything, from designing to finishing, will be carried out with a special focus on clients’ needs.

Let’s talk about the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind from the kitchen. Cooking is the primary purpose, so kitchen design should be convenient enough for cooking. Secondly, you serve the food you cook to your family or guests. Therefore, the kitchen must b designed to entertain several people at a time. But one thing to note is that design and layout of the kitchen have to work well with the space available. Not everyone has the same amount of space; therefore, the design of every kitchen is unique. The key is to work with your strengths. For example, one can focus on improving the storage if there’s less space or on utilising it if there is plenty of space.

Another dimension of kitchen design is safety. Firstly, kitchen design should be safe for children. Secondly, electronics should be safe to operate. But can you do that without compromising on aesthetics? Yes, definitely. A well-designed kitchen is one that incorporates safety into kitchen design.

What should be considered?

1- Think about the tasks you perform most frequently. Then, decide the placement of items needed to complete these tasks. You can save time and energy by placing the items nearby. This way, your kitchen will turn out more functional.

2- Another thing to consider is adequate space to move around. A cramped bathroom does not provide room for convenient movement. Therefore, experts recommend at least a 36 inches wide path throughout the kitchen. Similarly, aisles within the cooking zone should not be less than 25 inches wide.

3- Similarly, the kitchen layout should be able to accommodate people without them having to bump into each other. To achieve this, a central kitchen island is highly preferable. It separates the working area and social area of the kitchen. Hence, there can be more than one person in the kitchen without coming in the way of the one cooking.

4- Appliances should also have adequate space to function properly. It depends on the placement of the item. For example, an appliance placed in a corner or alongside another appliance might bang into the wall or the other appliance whenever its door will be opened.

5- The right choice of countertops, according to your needs for meal preparation, is of great importance. For example, a frequent or professional chef might require more countertop space than one who cooks infrequently or prepares simple meals. Moreover, the material of the countertop is also a matter of choice. You will find a range of materials, colours, and patterns. So, you will definitely find something to go with your style!

6- A functional kitchen has an adequate number of appliances, considering the cooking needs. A large family with extensive cooking needs might require more kitchen appliances than a family of two. In addition, the kitchen design can be made inclusive for kids by offering a snack bar with stools.

7- The adequate amount of storage is one of the most essential requirements to design a functional kitchen. There is a lot to store in the kitchen; therefore, the kitchen can look quite cluttered without proper storage. Such a kitchen does not even feel pleasant to cook in. Therefore, there must be extra deep drawers and a few S-hooks to hang frequently used pots and pans.

8- Last but not least, a well-designed kitchen cut the cleaning time. You must be wondering why? Well, choosing the right materials and appliances make it easy to clean and maintain the kitchen. For example, under-mount sinks do not have a crumb-catching rim and glass shelves catch spills instantly.

Kitchen designers have extensive experience with all these considerations. Hence,  the right kitchen designers have immense benefits for homeowners. Not only do they save your time but also money, as they ensure that your investment does not go to waste. So, what are you waiting for? Your dream kitchen is just a call away!