Air conditioning servicing in Wembley

Are you looking for air conditioning servicing in Wembley? Here is all you need to know. Many people do not consider the air conditioner as crucial as any other part of the car. They do not acknowledge the functions of AC that are far beyond cooling the car cabin. Yes, that’s true that AC keeps your journey comfortable by regulating the temperature within the car cabin. However, there is much more to it. Do you know that an average car engine produces around 4,000 explosions per minute in order to power the automobile? These explosions produce a massive amount of heat that requires to be cooled. That’s where the car’s AC comes into play. Hence, AC not only controls the temperature in the cabin but also in the engine. It, in turn, prevents the engine from overheating or breaking down. For all these reasons, it is recommended not to avoid the signs of AC malfunction and get it checked by a specialist!

All you need to know about your AC system

Although the vehicle’s air conditioning system is quite intricate, there are a few things that you can understand about its structure and function. The primary component of the air conditioning system is its compressor. Moreover, it is the faults in this component that are the culprit behind most of the malfunction signs. The compressor works by taking a refrigerant and pressurizing it. The hot air emitted from the engine then passes through a series of refrigeration lines where it is cooled. It is just one aspect of the AC’s function. Refrigerant, alongside the condenser, evaporator, and radiator, keeps the vehicle from overheating. All these mechanical and electrical components should perform at an optimal level. Therefore, regular check-ups and servicing are what your AC needs!

One should ensure that the vehicle has an adequate level of refrigerant, but it does not mean you have to overfill. Many people feel they can improve the cooling by adding more refrigerant, but that’s not true. To improve the cooling, you might have to see if there is a leak or malfunctioning part. Another important thing is to flush the cooling system every 24 thousand miles. As a result, your AC will keep blowing cool air, and the liquid produced by the cooling system will be non-corrosive. Moreover, you will be able to keep expensive AC repairs at bay.

The quickest and most efficient way to ensure that AC is functioning properly is to take it to a trusted garage. A reliable garage will have experienced technicians and the latest equipment to diagnose and correct faults. The right service providers know exactly how to treat every car model in the best possible way!

What are the signs of a bad AC system?

1- Higher temperatures than usual in the car cabin indicate a malfunctioning AC. It usually happens when the compressor fails to regulate the refrigerant properly. In addition, low levels of refrigerant and refrigerant leakage may be some potential reasons.

2- Loud compressor noise is another obvious sign of bad AC. The AC compressor is made of several components and uses a sealed bearing to turn. When any of the interior parts or the seal breaks, some kind of noise can be heard. In this case, technicians usually replace the whole AC compressor. However, early identification can save you the cost of replacement, and only repair would suffice.

3- Moisture leaks in the AC compressor indicate an underlying problem. The role of refrigerant is to help the AC unit turn warm air into the cold air, so the AC will blow warm air when it runs out of refrigerant. Moreover, refrigerant leakage poses harmful health concerns and might increase energy consumption. So, it is not unlikely to notice reduced fuel economy in case of AC malfunctioning.

4- The refrigerant suction line in the AC system may get blocked if the compressor fails to operate, leading to hot airflow in the car. This problem can be fixed by unblocking the refrigerant lines. In the worst-case scenario, the lines will have to be replaced.

5- Damaged wiring, of any sort, in the air conditioning system should be corrected immediately. It can lead to an electrical fire if rectification is delayed for a long time. The main reason for this is electrical problems in the AC system that can lead to the compressor receiving too much or little voltage. As a result, compressor damage and then replacement are inevitable.

You now know the symptoms of a bad AC compressor, so look out for these signs. Take your car to a garage if any of these signs are present. You can save the expense of replacement by having timely repair. Even if you are unsure what’s wrong with your vehicle, take it to a mechanic. Fixing the problem at the right time will help you prevent further damage to the car. If you want to keep enjoying your rides in all sorts of weather, your AC should be working well. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a trusted garage!