Bathroom design & installation in Ealing

Bathroom designs are quite subtle home aesthetics, but they make a significant difference in the perception of a space. Moreover, it adds a lot to the value of the space. A bathroom with a flawed or underwhelming design will overshadow the bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. Also, it would compromise the room’s functionality and reduce the home’s value. We know that bathroom design is quite easy to overlook; however, you should never overlook it.


Bathroom is the room where we begin and end each day. Therefore, it will not be an overstatement that what happens in the bathroom sets the tone for what will happen the rest of the day. Moreover, the bathroom is where you find some inspiration and get the best ideas. A bathroom is a safe space where nobody invades your privacy, and you can think uninterrupted. For all these reasons, a bathroom is supposed to be designed in a way that adds to a person’s experience. Today, there is a huge variety of bathroom designs and accessories to cater to a range of customers. So, the nuances of your space’s bathroom design are up to you. If you aim to design a contemporary and luxurious bathroom, the team at a bathroom showroom can make it happen. Similarly, if your top preference is practicality, a team of experts can come up with a customized solution according to your specifications.

Bathroom designing

When we talk of bathroom designing, the first and foremost thing is space. A well-designed bathroom is one which provides ample space to the users. Bathroom designing calls for expert assistance, since a slight mistake in the design has the potential to occupy more space than it should. This, as a result, interferes with the functionality of the bathroom as well. The aspect of space is important, because a bathroom should be a comfortable area in which a person should not have to watch their step due to cramped space and jutting objects. Therefore, designers focus on the proper floor layout, walking space, and general flow.

This also brings our attention to the significance of storage space. Let us tell you a fun fact: messy space can trigger stress hormones. A bathroom is usually smaller than other rooms, yet it contains a lot of accessories and toiletries. Therefore, it sometimes gets really hard to organize all these things efficiently. A tidy and organized bathroom not only looks more attractive, but it is more functional. For example,  searching for a particular body wash in a cluttered bathroom is time-taking and frustrating, whereas you’ll know exactly where to find it if the bathroom is organized. In addition to this, an organized bathroom is easy to clean and maintain. When everything is at its place and there is less on the countertop, it gets easier to clean the surfaces. There is such a huge variety of storage options for the bathroom that you will definitely find something worthy for your bathroom. These options include cabinets, vanity, shelves, and whatnot! They are available in different colors and sizes, so you can choose the one that complements the overall appearance of the bathroom.

Another important aspect of bathroom design is the floor & countertop. There should be the right type of floor material which can handle water the best. As the bathroom is a moisture-rich space, everything ranging from floor to furniture and & accessories should be able to withstand such an environment. The top choices for bathroom flooring of contemporary bathrooms are Porcelain or ceramic, Luxury vinyl tile, and sheet vinyl flooring. Similarly, you can blend durability and aesthetics when it comes to countertops. Bathroom countertops are exposed to different types of elements, like moisture, cleaning supplies, and toiletries. So, do not take the bathroom for granted, and get a reliable countertop. The top choices for bathroom countertops are granite and marble.

Another thing is the bathroom wall’s tiling. Here we would like to give you a tip: if you want to bring about a quick and affordable change in your bathroom, go for a wall change. Having the right walls in the bathroom can make all the difference. You can definitely add that special “wow” factor to the ambience of the bathroom by choosing the right tiles. Whether you want the walls to match the flooring or accent the flooring, bathroom experts can help you with your decision. Some of the popular and favorite choices of home owners are Matte finish tiles, Subway tiles, and slate tiles.

Bathroom design & installation in Ealing

Whether you want to introduce small upgrades or decide to do a full bathroom makeover, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration. Once you are aware of what your dream bathroom will look like, then it is time to plan other things like the amount of work, number of specialists, kind of specialists that will have to assist with the project. Bathroom installation requires the expertise of electrical workers, plumbers, tiling & flooring experts, etc. There can be electrical work involved, depending on what you want to install in your bathroom, such as an electric shower, shaver socket, hand dryer, an extractor fan, etc. Similarly, the installation of new taps, sanitary ware, and sink should be carried out without compromising on the quality. The reason is that you definitely don’t want any water leaks which can cause damage to the bathroom and the surrounding rooms of the property. Therefore, efficient plumbing should be the top priority when installing a bathroom.

Whether you want to install a new bathroom or renovate an old bathroom, it is one of the major investments to the property. So, you should always trust bathroom service providers who are willing to keep you in the loop. The right service providers are trustworthy and take the responsibility of full project management. Moreover, they make sure to carry out the design & installation within your budget in a timely manner. On average, bathroom renovation usually takes 8-10 days to complete; however, it is no rule of thumb. There is no one-size-fits-all, and also there can be some unexpected issues in some projects. Whatever the matter is, the right service providers want their customers to be fully aware!