Bathroom furniture in Watford

You can not imagine a room without its accessories and furniture. In fact, this is what makes that room usable and functional. Similarly, the bathroom has its own accessories and furnishings which make it a comfortable space. Earlier, bathrooms had a limited role, but modern bathrooms are much more than that. Besides washing, contemporary bathrooms are used for relaxing, unwinding, etc. Whether it is the middle of the day or the beginning and end of the day, bathrooms play an important role. Where do you end your day? Where do you start your day? Where do you unwind in the middle of a tiring day? Where do you go when you look for a few moments of peace and isolation? Where can you relax the way you want to? We know the answer to all these questions is “my bathroom”. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to give bathrooms the attention they deserve. They deserve the same attention as any other room in the house. If you are looking for bathroom furniture in Watford, you are at the right place. Here is all you need to know!


When you imagine a bathroom, it’s not the walls and roof but the furniture within the bathroom that comes to your mind, right? The furniture holds immense potential – it can either lift the overall appearance and functionality of the bathroom or might overshadow it. Therefore, the right choice of furniture is crucial. What you should and should not install in your bathroom depends on the specifications of your bathroom, such as size, colour scheme, style, etc.


Bathroom furniture


If you go to a bathroom showroom, you will be surprised to come across such a huge variety of furniture. Why do you think it is there? The designers and brands acknowledge the fact that there is no one-size-fits-for-all strategy. Each and every person comes with their distinct demands and requirements. For example, someone might want to design a contemporary bathroom which is more sleek and minimalist and someone else might prefer a traditional bathroom. Hence, what might work for the former might not work for the latter. This is the reason why brands have various types of every single accessory.


What is included in bathroom furniture?




There are many types of basins to cater to diverse requirements and specifications. Vessel basins have a luxurious build consisting of a large bowl that sits on top of the vanity or cabinet. They can be installed in both small and large bathrooms, as they are available in various materials, colours, and sizes. Vessel basins are popular among those who want to design an elegant and classy bathroom. Another type is drop-in basins which are also the most standard basins and are the most popular choice for domestic use. Under-mount basins, as the name says, are installed underneath the solid surface of the benchtop. These basins look very elegant and sleek and can be commonly seen in commercial bathrooms. They are relatively more expansive and more complex to install. Wall-mounted basins are mounted to the wall and are independent of any supporting vanity. They are perfect for small bathrooms, as they don’t take up much space. However, they can be used in bigger bathrooms as well if you want to create a minimalistic look.




The most traditional type of shower is a manual mixer shower which mixes hot and cold water. They are highly affordable and easy to install. Also, they can be mostly seen in domestic bathrooms. Thermostatic mixer shower is another type which has made the bathing experience extremely comfortable. With a thermostatic shower, you can maintain the perfect temperature during showering. An advanced type is electric showers which come with a built-in heating unit to provide warm water. Although they are not as energy efficient as other types, they are gaining popularity.


Like shower heads, you will find a variety of shower enclosures as well. Quadrant shower, as the name implies, comes in rectangular or square shapes. These are free-standing, spacious, and modern. Curved shower enclosures are specifically designed to fit in a corner. Therefore, they maximize shower space in small bathrooms, adding a contemporary flair to the space. If you do not want to install a free-standing, walk-in shower enclosure, a tub-shower combo is perfect for you.




Close-coupled toilets are the most commonly used toilets, especially in traditional bathrooms. It is called close-coupled because the cistern is present directly above the toilet bowl. On the other hand, the cistern is concealed in the back-to-wall toilet, making it suitable for a modern, sleek, and minimalist bathroom. Another advanced addition to the range of toilets is the wall-hung toilet. These toilets are not attached to the floor and are fixed in the wall, taking up very less space. Therefore, they are suitable for smaller bathrooms.


Vanity units:


Storage is an important aspect of the bathroom’s functionality. Besides cabinets, vanity units are commonly used in bathrooms to fulfil storage needs; a clutter-free bathroom looks more spacious and comfortable. Moreover, it holds the potential to entirely transform the bathroom, as it becomes the focal point which instantly captures the attention of the entrants. The huge variety of vanity units on market can overwhelm you. If you are wondering which unit to buy and install in your bathroom, do not worry. Experts at a bathroom showroom can guide you, and they might even visit your space before contributing to your bathroom design.


Are you looking for bathroom furniture in Watford? Visit a trusted bathroom showroom and get your hands on the dreamy accessories!