Buy toilets in Barnet

Do you want to buy toilets in Barnet? Here is all you need to know. It won’t be an overstatement that toilets are the most important component of the bathroom. With the advances in every field, bathroom technology has also evolved. If you now want to replace your old toilet and outdated technology, you have made the right decision. Toilets come in a range of shapes and sizes, from conventional toilets to many types of modern toilets. The market is now replete with a variety of toilets which can actually overwhelm you. If you manage to make the right choice, you will be able to transform your bathroom. The type you should choose depends on a number of factors: space available, style of the bathroom, your budget, etc.


What are the different types of toilets?


Close coupled toilets:


A closed-coupled toilet primarily consists of two separate pieces – the pan and the cistern. The cistern’s position is directly on the top of the pan. It typically has a dual flush button or a lever handle. They are the most common toilet-type, for their affordability and traditional build. They are available in a number of styles and shapes, so you can choose the one that goes with your taste. They are quite affordable and easy-to-install relative to other types.


Wall-hung toilets:


Wall-hung toilets are hung from the wall, leaving extra space underneath. As a result, the bathroom appears more spacious and cleaning gets easier. In addition, the most popular feature of wall-hung toilets is their flexibility; they can be mounted at different heights. Therefore, these toilets are ideal for people who are always bothered by the height of their toilets. If a wall-hung toilet is installed properly, it can easily support almost 200 kg of weight.


Back-to-wall toilets:


If you want to create a modern, minimalist bathroom, a back-to-wall toilet can be your best purchase. They provide a neat finish because the cistern is concealed in the wall. This type is highly suitable for those who want to maximise space in the bathroom or cloakroom. Even maintenance is not difficult; the cistern can be accessed through an access panel or via a flush plate. Back-to-wall toilets are as modern as wall-hung toilets without the additional costs required for mounting the toilet to the wall.


Rimless toilets:


Rimless toilets are one of the most latest and exciting developments in toilet designs.  Rimless toilets, as the name suggests, lack the rim of a traditional toilet. In this toilet design, water is directed all around the pan to make sure that the entire toilet bowl is cleaned with each flush. In addition, this toilet design is cost-effective. The flush of a rimless toilet might appear powerful, but it is more economical than a traditional flush which will help you save money on your water bill. This toilet is perfect for those who are concerned about hygiene. As there is no rim, no bacteria or limescale can hide. Also, they are very easy to clean; therefore, they are a popular choice for contemporary bathrooms.


High-level toilets:


High-Level Toilets will fit perfectly in a traditional bathroom. It consists of a wall-mounted high cistern, a flush pipe, and a traditional toilet pan. They are not recommended for smaller bathrooms or bathrooms with low ceilings.


Low-level toilets:


Low-level toilets are an alternative way of creating the traditional look without having to go into the complexities of a high-level toilet. This toilet design consists of a low-level cistern and a low-level toilet pan.


Corner toilets:


This toilet consists of a triangular shape cistern, so it can fit perfectly in a corner. Thus, they are perfect for smaller bathrooms where you want to save the maximum possible space.


How important is a good quality toilet?


It is extremely important to install high-quality bathroom furniture which can stand the damp environment of the bathroom. In addition, it enhances the cosiness of the bathroom. It is good to have a comfortable bathroom because a bathroom is not limited to washing and bathing only. It is where you start and finish your day and it is where you unwind during and after a tiring day. So, a bathroom should not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing.


Bathroom showrooms design smart bathrooms, which go far beyond energy and water management. Only at a specialist showroom, you can find holistic product ranges that cover every aspect of the bathroom interior. If your major concern is the size of your bathroom, do not worry. Experts in a bathroom showroom can help you make the most of your space. Even a small space can be designed into a luxurious space by making the right choices. If you do not want to compromise on the comfort and convenience of the bathroom regardless of its size, get in touch with professionals today.


Get your hands on toilets that are made to last. If you want to buy toilets in Barnet, reach a bathroom showroom through word-of-mouth. Also, do not forget to discuss all the details with the experts before trusting them with your bathroom. A well-designed bathroom can add to the value of your house. Whenever a potential buyer comes to visit your place, one of the first priorities would be the condition of the bathroom. So, what are you waiting for? Transform your bathroom today!