General Dentist in Tower Hamlets

Having a tooth problem seems like not enjoying anything you like to eat. Although we don’t often take teeth issues seriously until they become painful. We just consider them a bone that we use to chew our food and that works as a cutter sometimes. In fact, they do have nerves and living tissues. Both beneficial and harmful bacteria can grow in our mouths.

They always stay connected and engaged between our cavity systems. So, it is not surprising to say that our teeth can have multiple problems in any situation. Because we continuously eat our favorite foods, bite, and grind our teeth, this is reason our teeth have a lot of stress in this working manner. Our teeth constantly require a little careful attention to maintain their regularity. While regular tooth brushing and flossing are equally necessary to avoid any worsening of oral health, it also entails going for regular checkups. Additionally, it includes maintaining a healthy diet that is essentially nutritious to prevent plaque.

A dentist must take care of it if you’re unlucky enough to get a cavity. If you allow it to get worse, it can become infected or develop an abscess. When I was a patient, I used to have this type of tooth disease and suffer from a lot of pain and distress. Because of this, painful procedures, which become essential to get a quick solution, are necessary. It is comparatively rare for damaged teeth to be pulled. That is why you need a qualified general dentist in Tower Hamlets.

Let’s find out some common tooth issues that need to be cured immediately in your daily routine.

Gum diseases: 

This is a bacteria-caused disease caused by plaque growth in the mouth. These gum tissues and ligaments are destroyed by bacteria that stay in the mouth by holding teeth in place. Gum disease has 5 major stages, so there is enough time and chance for patients to stop its rapid growth. With an excellent oral care routine, it is possible to avoid having any serious dental issues. For a proper and quick treatment for any core infections, you must visit your doctor on time. Give yourself the greatest chance to get good oral health and make your system immune to worsening and incurable issues.

Dental decay:

Cavities or tooth loss are used to describe tooth decay. It happens when plaque bacteria attacks the teeth. . It produces an acidic material in the mouth that eats holes into the dental enamel surface during this time. You must limit these bacteria from spreading all over your oral cavity. It can be reduced by stopping eating more sugar and carbohydrates. By balancing a healthy diet routine you can easily prevent tooth decay. On the other hand, the chances of having a cavity completely depend on your eating habits or lifestyle. If you are constantly careful about your oral hygiene, it is more likely to prevent tooth decay. However, because of the sensitivity of tooth enamel, children of all ages are in the serious phase of getting the disease rapidly.