Maserati servicing in Hertfordshire

Are you looking for Maserati servicing in Hertfordshire? Here is all you need to know. Maserati is a premium Italian car which offers the customers ultimate luxury. Moreover, this car is characterized by hi-tech features and embedded systems, which make it run with an unparalleled level of efficiency. However, Maserati, like any other car, needs to be checked for faults regularly. If you fail to rectify the faults timely, you will have to compromise on the driving quality. As you know, a car is composed of thousands of components which work together in a coordinated manner. Each part or system of the car is made up of sub-parts which also work in line with each other. So, it is of utmost importance to keep each part in order, otherwise, you might face malfunction or low fuel economy. Without proper maintenance, a car can not go a long way, even if it is the most expensive car in the world.


A car is always at risk of ending up in an accident or breakdown, for a car is in direct contact with external irregularities, such as weather and road conditions. These external irregularities can impact the physical condition or performance of the car parts. Some of the parts are delicate and are more prone to damage, so a driver needs to stay vigilant to overcome these in a timely manner. In fact, it is possible to prevent breakdowns and accidents by adopting a proactive strategy, which involves regular maintenance and servicing schedules.


Maserati Servicing


A car service is a routine health check, to ensure the performance and efficiency of the vehicle, which assesses everything from the engine’s fluid levels to general wear and tear. Car servicing is of different types to cater to different customers with different driving habits. The most in-depth servicing involves almost 50 or more system checks, adjustments and parts replacement.

Regular servicing ensures that the car is running as safely and efficiently as possible. In addition,  regular servicing saves you money in the long run in two ways – low fuel costs, and early and affordable repairs. When all the components of the car perform at their optimal level, there is no extra pressure on the engine. As a result, the driver will experience better fuel economy and low fuel costs. Moreover, servicing enables an early diagnosis leading to timely rectification. Before the problem worsens and manifests into a more problematic issue, it is rectified by the technicians. Consequently, you will see better handling and a smoother engine.

Servicing offers peace of mind to the driver, as the driver is sure of the vehicle’s optimal performance. Also, he is certain that he and others driving around him are safe and secure on the road. Last but not the least, It considerably decreases the likelihood of your car breaking down while you are on your way to somewhere important. The last thing you would want in such a situation is a roadside breakdown. Therefore, an ill-maintained car can interfere with your routine and might cause you a loss.

If you go to a garage that provides dealership-level service, your online service history would be updated. Hence, you will have more chances to get a better price for your vehicle if you plan to sell it in the near or far future.


Car servicing vs. MOT


Many drivers have this misconception that they do not need car servicing if they have passed an MOT test; this is completely untrue! In reality, servicing and MOT are different and have their own significance for a smooth driving experience.


MOT is an annual inspection that checks the roadworthiness of the vehicle. It is a legal requirement for almost every vehicle to check the safety and environmental impact of a vehicle. However, it stays limited to the vehicle’s roadworthiness and does not delve any deeper. On the other hand, a service ensures all components of the car are running at an optimal level.

What will be included in your servicing package depends on the type you choose. A full service will likely include an engine oil and filter change, brake check, fluid level checks,  and checks on almost 50 other key components, especially safety-related features.

It depends on the type of service if it would include replacements and changes of spark plugs and important filters.

What are the types of service packages?

  • Regular maintenance is enough when only the oil and filter need replacement.
  • Interim car service is recommended every 6 months or 6000 miles. It is an entry-level package which typically includes oil and filter change, and inspection of safety components, such as windscreen, tyres, and lights.
  • Full car service is recommended every 12 months or 12000 miles. It is suitable for drivers doing lower annual mileage, and who will only have their car serviced once a year. It involves a wider range of checks and adjustments in addition to those included in interim service.
  • Major service is recommended every 24 months or 24000 miles. It’s a comprehensive service package. Besides including everything from a full service, it includes the replacements that are recommended every two years.

Now you know that car service is necessary, and it has a lot of benefits for the driver and the vehicle. If you want to prolong the life of your vehicle, there is nothing better than regular servicing. Your consistency will definitely pay off when it comes to vehicles!