MOT in Apsley

MOTs, or Ministry of Transport Tests, is an essential element of automobile ownership. An MOT test is designed to ensure that your vehicle is safe and roadworthy to save your life. A technician will also check that your vehicle’s exhaust emissions aren’t too high, lessening the impact it has on the environment.

MOT tests are required to confirm that a vehicle fulfills specific safety requirements and that it is roadworthy on an annual basis. To drive your automobile on the road, you must have a current MOT certificate. If you have a new automobile, it will not require an MOT test but if your car is three years old, it will require an MOT test.

What Does MOT Cover?

Although many people are aware that they require an MOT test, few are aware of what is involved. If you are a permanent resident of Hertfordshire London, you can easily find a reliable test service provider near you. MOT in Apsley could be the right option to experience the elements that are checked during an MOT test including

Exhaust and Fuel Emissions

Drivers Road Views

Lighting and Signaling Equipment




Tyres and Wheels

Seat Belts

Body Structure

These test checks are all important components that keep you and your family safe while keeping your car in working order.

Servicing Vs MOT:

An MOT is not the same as a service as previously stated an MOT is a legal requirement that your automobile must pass in order to be certified roadworthy and safe to drive. An MOT is a visual inspection that must be passed or the vehicle will be declared unsafe and will not be permitted on the road until the problems are resolved. Because a car service is determined by a manufacturer rather than the government, it is unique to your vehicle.  The service is more thorough and covers significantly more ground than an MOT test. Your oil levels, engine coolant, and brake fluid will all be changed by a professional which may not have immediate effects if they’re low but can create a slew of problems if they run out. This provides you peace of mind regarding how well your automobile is running.

Simple Reasons for Cars Failing MOT Tests:

Did you know that nearly two out of every five MOT tests fail on the first try? This is frequently due to small flaws that the owner could have simply corrected prior. The top five reasons why MOT tests fail are listed below…

The screen wash is not replenished. So, don’t be surprised if this simple task takes a few minutes.

The automobile was filthy or cluttered. Clean up the debris in the trunk and cabin, then wipe off the glass and mirrors.

A difficulty with the registration plate. The plate, for example, had the wrong typeface/spacing, was dusty, or was missing entirely.

If you have a personalized plate, check that it complies with DVLA regulations.

The driver’s view is obstructed by stickers on the windscreen. Ensure that anything attached to the windscreen, such as parking permits, is outside the swept area of the wipers.