MOT service center in St Albans

Describe a MOT:

Except for Classic cars registered more than 40 years ago, which have been designated as Vehicles of Historic Interest (VHIs) and are therefore exempt from MOT testing, a MOT (Ministry of Transport) is a legal requirement for vehicles over 3 years old and requires that tests be performed to ensure that they are still safe and roadworthy.

When must I have a MOT test?

You must have your car’s first MOT test performed when it is three years old from the date of registration, and it must be retested every year on the anniversary of its last MOT test.

When is my MOT scheduled to be performed?

No, you won’t receive a notice when your MOT is due, and if you forget, there is no grace period. You must alert   in advance of when it’s your MOT is due because this will save you from the trouble of delaying your MOT test.

Do I still need a MOT to drive?

Simply put, you cannot. With the exception of travelling to a scheduled MOT, doing so is prohibited. A fine, points on your license, and a driving prohibition might be incurred if your certificate is not current. Additionally, it affects the cost when you purchase or sell a car.

What exactly does the MOT test consist of?

It doesn’t take long to complete a MOT. You have the option to wait while the car is being inspected during the test, which lasts between 45 and an hour.

The MOT test comprises inspections of the vehicle’s many components to determine if it is roadworthy and secure to operate, such as:




Fuel System





Wheels and tyres


Steering and suspension

Wipers and Washer Bottle


Horn (beep beep!)

How can I show that I have a MOT?

You’ll receive a MOT certificate once your car has had its MOT and has successfully passed each of the aforementioned examinations (this is generally called a VT20 MOT Test Pass certificate). These have been modified since May 2018 (old version on the left, new version on the right) in an effort to make it simpler for consumers to read and comprehend any difficulties that may have surfaced during the MOT test.

Can I examine the MOT history of my car?

Yes, you can get this information for free by using the DVLA’s free MOT Checker or your nearest MOT service center in St Albans. You’ll obtain your whole MOT history as soon as you register and submit your number plate, and they will update it when each MOT service is completed.

Can I tax my car without a MOT?

For you to tax your automobile either online or at the post office, it must have a current MOT. Declare a Statutory off Road Notification if your vehicle is off the road and you are not using it or paying your vehicle tax.