Renault specialists in London

Do you own or drive a French car? French cars are popular for the innovation and features they offer to their customers. They constantly work on their models to improve the functionality and style. One of the most liked and popular French car models is Renault. If you drive a Renault, you know exactly the joy of driving it. It is not an average car but a premium one that delivers quality along with luxury to the users. The three top features of Renault are: revolutionary designs, security technologies, and motor racing. The expertise in electrification makes Renault a highly complex and sophisticated car that carries embedded systems and hi-tech components. As a result, no random or general garage can take care of the car as a specialist garage would. Therefore, it is recommended to take your Renault to a specialist garage for car services.

A car, especially a premium one, is a valuable asset and investment. Also, a car will not go a long way unless it is well-maintained. No matter how premium the car is, it is still a car at the end of the day. A car, especially the modern hi-tech car, is composed of various components and complex systems. All these components need to work in a coordinating manner to make a car run smoothly on the road. Although technology has improved the functionality of the cars, it has also added to the delicacy of the cars. The cars now need to be checked regularly, for errors and faults, to keep the electrical systems in a good condition. If a car is not maintained well, it might collapse or break down in the middle of the journey, So, why would you take such a risk? If you want to protect yourself and your vehicle from an accident, get your car checked and diagnosed at a specialist garage.

Renault specialists in London

The common faults that have been reported with Renault cars are:

1- Brake problems: There are many things that can go wrong with your brakes. First of all, brake pads can wear away due to overheating or aging. Secondly, brake rotors can malfunction or calipers can get stuck in either open or closed position. The signs that indicate a problematic caliper are pulling the car to one side, scraping or grinding sound. Sometimes, the brake line is compromised for reasons like corrosion over time, which is definitely not good for this network of tubing that has to bear a lot of pressure. A malfunctioning brake line will cause the pedal to lose pressure, making the car take much longer to stop than usual.

2- Suspension problems: Suspension problems can considerably impact the way your car operates. Some of the signs of bad suspension are: pulling to one side when driving, feeling every bump on the road, one corner sits lower than the other, and difficulty when steering. There are seven main components of the suspension system that include springs, wheels, shock absorbers, rods, joints & bearings, steering system, and frame. If any one of these components do not function properly, the whole braking system will be compromised.

3- Accelerator problems: Accelerator problems can arise due to a faulty throttle sensor that causes the speed to fluctuate whether you engage or disengage the pedal, or a fuel system failure and a bad spark plug can also lead to accelerator problems. You would definitely need expert assistance to determine the right source of the problem.

Car diagnostics

A specialist garage is equipped with dealership level equipment to carry out diagnostic tests on the vehicle. This tool enables a smooth identification and rectification of the problems in a timely manner. One of the main benefits of diagnostic testing is that it quickly and accurately identifies the problems. As a result, car repair times are greatly reduced and you won’t have to spend hours at a garage. In addition to this, labor costs and repair costs have also reduced considerably. Previously, car owners had to spend a lot on getting the car repaired, but now problems are identified at the initial stage before they develop into something major. Car diagnostic testing is important for every type of car and driver, especially transport businesses. These businesses need a reliable fleet and can not afford to have their cars in the garage for long periods of time.

The aforementioned issues can also be diagnosed using the latest technology, leading to efficient rectification. It is recommended to have a diagnostic test at least once a year. Diagnostic testing is an extremely cost-effective solution to keep the car well-maintained.

Car servicing & repairs

First of all, car servicing boosts the safety of the driver and the vehicle. Servicing makes sure that oil levels and other components are working at optimal levels. Moreover, car servicing maintains the value of the vehicle, so it is really beneficial if you want to buy a new car in the future. Car servicing does not only maintain the functionality but also the appearance of the car. Last but not least, car servicing reduces the running costs. When a part malfunctions, more fuel is used by that component to perform its job. As a result, fuel efficiency is reduced. If you want to boost fuel efficiency, servicing is one thing that you should never ignore.

If you have regular servicing and yearly diagnosis, you will prevent breakdowns and expensive repairs. However, the probability of accident or breakdown can not be completely eliminated. A road is full of bumps, curbs, and potholes, and coming in contact with any of these can damage any delicate component of the car. In such a case, expert technicians can come up with a long lasting solution and repair the damaged part. In addition to this, specialist garages also stock high-quality branded car parts, in case the damaged part requires replacement. Most people avoid getting a part replaced, but this delay can lead to even higher costs when a person has to get the damaged part repaired again and again.

We suggest you take your car to a specialist garage as soon as you observe anything unusual. An early identification and rectification goes a long way!