Wheel alignment in Edgware

Your car can go out of alignment quite easily; all it takes is a big pothole, a speed bump taken too carelessly or an accidental roll over a curb. Besides external regularities, the car itself goes through wear & tear over time which is enough to throw everything out of order. One of the many things that can be disturbed is wheel alignment. Although having properly aligned wheels might not seem that important, it considerably impacts the way you drive. If you overlook the condition of your wheels and keep driving, it can have consequences. Moreover, misaligned wheels can impact the condition and performance of the overall suspension system and steering.

When it comes to the vehicle, we need to deal with it holistically. A car is made up of thousands of components, but no component works in isolation. They all are interconnected in one way or the other, making the car run. Therefore, a problem with any one of these components can lead to an overall fall in performance. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep every part working at its optimal level. If you are looking for wheel alignment in Edgware, here is all you need to know!


What is wheel alignment?


Wheel alignment corrects the angle of your wheels in comparison to each other and the body of the vehicle. Wheel alignment is carried out by altering the vehicle’s suspension. Technicians, using specialized technology, determine exactly how much adjustment is required and apply it accordingly. It is recommended to get your wheel alignment checked at least every 10000 km or any time you experience an unusual change in the driving or handling of the vehicle.


What are the benefits of wheel alignment?


Prolongs the life of tyres:

Misalignment causes the tyres to wear unevenly. As a result, their life shortens, and they should be replaced sooner. Also, misaligned tyres put more stress on the suspension and steering system, leading to their uneven wear & tear as well. If you manage to identify and rectify tyre issues at an initial stage, you will be able to avoid expensive repair services or replacements more often.


Fuel economy:

Every driver wants to have good gas mileage. However, malfunctioning tyres do not let this happen. Misaligned tyres do not work optimally, so the engine has to work harder to make your car go forward. Resultantly, fuel efficiency decreases, as more gas is required to let the engine work overtime. Similarly, maintaining the proper inflation of tyres can help you save money on gas. If it can significantly reduce operating costs, why not get your tyres aligned immediately?


Smoother ride:

When wheels are out of alignment, your car will likely pull to the left or the right while driving, making it harder to control. One of the easiest ways to check this out is by observing the position of the steering. If your car drifts to the right or left while the steering wheel is pointed straight ahead, your alignment is likely wrong. A rough ride, due to misaligned wheels, takes away the joy of driving.


Prevents breakdowns:

Driving with damaged or misaligned wheels keeps you at risk of accidents and breakdowns. The roadside breakdown is the last thing you would want while you are on your way to somewhere important. The best way to avoid such an unpleasant situation is to adopt a proactive strategy; regular servicing is the key to a safe and smooth ride.


What are the signs that you are out of alignment?


  • Pulling to one side is the most common sign of misaligned wheels. When it gets hard to control the vehicle, it is most probably a problem with alignment.


  • Another sign is the inability of the steering wheel to return to the centre position after you make a turn. If the steering wheel is shaking or feels loose, it can be a clue of bad alignment.


  • Noticeable uneven tread on the front tyres indicates the need to get the tyres checked immediately.


  • Excessive vibrations and shakes while driving can make you really uncomfortable. No matter how expensive or premium the car is, it can not go a long way without proper maintenance and tyre servicing.


There are many reasons for wheels to go out of alignment:


  • Coming in contact with potholes
  • Hitting curbs
  • Vehicle collisions
  • Regular wear & tear


If you are looking for wheel alignment in Edgware, we recommend you go to a specialist garage. With the advances in technology, car technology has also evolved, offering more precision and accuracy. A specialist garage has the required equipment and technology to carry out car services. In addition, the technicians at a specialist garage have extensive experience with the respective models. Therefore, they can devise cost-effective and long-lasting solutions to recurring problems.


Maintaining proper wheel alignment is crucial to avoid unnecessary and unpleasant conditions because it minimizes the wear on your tyres, steering, suspension and brakes. If you want to optimise driving stability, tyre life, and overall handling performance, get your tyres checked and rectified today.


A car deserves attention and care to keep working at optimal levels. In the lack of necessary attention, a car does not perform well and ruins the joy of driving it. We recommend you choose a garage through word-of-mouth and for competitive rates. A good garage will keep you in the loop and will deliver timely solutions!